Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

After travelling for a total of almost 48 hours, we made it home late last night! My eyes were burning and red from not sleeping for almost 2 whole days! Regardless, we are HOME! I slept for about 8 hours and woke-up feeling refreshed. I woke-up even before my daughter got up!

It was beyond amazing to see my little angel again! While she looked confused expecting to see her grandma, when she saw me, her little face lit right up with a gorgeous smile and a sweet, "Momma!" All morning, she clung onto me like a little monkey and just rocked back and forth in my lap. This is true and pure love.

As for what I am going to do post-procedure...I am going to look after myself. I decided to quit drinking coffee as well as I will avoid consuming all caffeinated drinks/food as caffeine is a vasoconstricter. I plan to join a rehabilitative gym for not only my body but also my mind and I plan to take more time to be "present" with my family. For the last while, my mind has been so consumed by CCSVI that I was doing everything at a level that was not 100%. I will still focus a lot of my energy towards working with the CCSVI Manitoba Awareness group to ensure CCSVI treatment in MB but I will dedicate these hours when my daughter is asleep or when my husband is busy with work etc.

I feel that I have been reminded that life and love should not be taken for granted. I feel very blessed, very lucky, and so very thankful to everyone in my life.


  1. proud of you kiddo!

  2. How true! So glad you are home safe and sound and have been reunited with your baby girl. Keep in touch, but remain "present" where it is most important.

    Jenn and Sean

  3. Please fight for us with MS that live in Manitoba. I am in my early thirties and in a progressive state. Because of family (ironic), money and geography I cannot be "liberated." Go forth but please don't forget us. Very happy for you and your family, Nicole. Stay strong!