Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Veins are Not Flowing Like the Nile

Good news everyone, I am happy to announce I have a new medical condition (drum roll please)...CCSVI!

After jumping into a taxi that ripped us off and going to some clinic located in a back alley, the radiologist confirmed that I do in fact have CCSVI. My left jugular vein is completely blocked, the valve stays completely shut while my right jugular vein is very stenosed. The doctor also found a 6 cm tumor in my thyroid. He told me that he would provide me with a CD that I would need to bring to my GP so that they can further evaluate and treat this. This provides me with a way to actually get scanned in Canada!

There were 2 other couples that also got scanned today. One young woman with her father were from Montreal. Her RRMS has severely taken a turn for the worse after giving birth to her son a short while ago. She is unable to walk without the assistance of a 2 wheeled walker. The other couple were from Greece. She has secondary progressive MS and while she can walk, she walks with a severe limp and severe pain. All three of us had some problem with our veins that will need to be corrected tomorrow morning.

As I lay getting the ultrasound done (which by the way only took 2 minutes), I was thinking to myself that it is so ironic that I am in Egypt getting this procedure done, when we in MB have the same ultrasound and we supposedly are a first world country? The doctor here in Egypt didn't even need to do a MRV/MRI as it was so obvious that there was a problem with my internal juggular veins. I will end with one word that sums up everything I am feeling right now, "WOW!"

Liberation day tomorrow! I can't wait!


  1. Wow. Amazing news. I can't wait to hear the follow-up. xoxo

  2. So very excited for you and so glad you're making this journey with Roman. Can't wait to hear about L-Day - good luck. You have so many people 'back home' thinking of you guys. Best of luck doll - love you.

    Love Romy, John and Anna~

  3. Can't wait to hear how it goes. As they say in show biz, "break a leg"...


  4. That is SO GREAT!!! Weird to say, I know, but WOOHOO!!!

    Love Sean and Jenn in Kenora!

  5. Too bad you had to go so far to get a simple scan done. Good luck Nicole! Keep us posted. Jan

  6. Hey Nick's,

    Wow that is really interesting they can find that out in such a short period of time.. I hope everything went well with the surgery, please keep us updated!

    Mom, Dad and myself took Faith to St.v park today to feed the ducks/geese and then played on the play structure. She loves the swings the best.. Pushed her for a solid 1/2 hr :)

    We are all thinking about you and we hope you and Roman are doing well..

    Love Scott + Mom & Dad.

  7. Hope all went well. Thinking of you