Monday, May 24, 2010

Where are the Camels?

We made it to Alexandria Egypt! I was beyond shocked getting off of the plane. Indiana Jones tainted my expectations and vision of Egypt. I was expecting pyramids, desert, and camels to be walking around. Instead, I find myself in a place that is highly modernized and a city that literally does not sleep! Some of the building architecture is simply amazing. Yes, there is a lot of garbage and everytime that I enter a room, I capture everyone's full attention. I really should have dyed my hair a dark color. Regardless, we made it here safely, albeit I had finger nail imprints in my hands after the loooong drive from Cairo to Alexandria (about 4 hours). There simply is no way to describe the way the people here drive other than chaotic.

For my fellow MS'ers whose disease is more advanced than mine, please be warned that coming to Egypt from Manitoba is very gruelling. The total trip lasted well over 24 hours. It is virtually impossible to be able to sleep (other than catching a few cat naps here and there). Also for those with bladder/bowel impairments, getting up and down to use the bathroom on the plane becomes a real hassle.

As for my personal MS symptoms, because of lack of sleep, I had extreme vertigo, and had left sided neuropathic pain on the thigh, as well as right-sided eye pressure, and a migraine. After I slept the hardest I have EVER slept last evening, I feel better. I still feel like the room is moving and the ground underneath me is moving, but no one would be able to determine that I am experiencing these symptoms.

On an even more personal note, I feel that this trip/experience has brought my husband and I closer together since having our daughter 17 months ago. It is so nice to know that there is someone sitting next to you that truly has your best interests at heart and someone that you can rely on no matter what. I am terribly missing my daughter and have realized that she has made me an adult. If I came to Egypt before having had her, I would have been far more spontaneous looking for something to satisfy my adrenaline cravings. Now however, I am beyond cautious. I am afraid to approach people or walk alone. I just keep thinking, "I need to make it home, so I can see my daughter again and enjoy life to the fullest." It truly is amazing that children change our entire outlook on life.

So what is next? Well tomorrow is LIBERATION day! As for today, I think we will walk around (sans camels) and explore Alexandria a bit. I will be in touch the day after the liberation procedure.


  1. Hey Nicks,

    Glad you made there safe. I visited with Faith and Raider yesterday and they are both doing very well.

    Please keep us updated!

    Love Scott

  2. Hi Nicole and Roman,

    Dave and I will be following your journey - all our prayers and love to you both.

    Aunt Karen